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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What do I need a 6(d) Certificate for?
A:6(d) Certificates are required by the borrower's bank as proof that your condominium fees are paid in full and the borrower is not inheriting any of the current owner's debt. Please go to our Forms section to obtain a 6(d) Request Form.
Q:Who do I contact for a Certificate of Insurance?
A:Please go to our Insurance Section to contact your Insurance Agent.
Q:I need my name placed on the mailbox and directory
A:Please go to our Forms Section to download a mailbox/directory Form.
Q:How do I obtain another front door key to my property?
A:You may come to Modica Associates M-F 8:30 am to 5:00pm To purchase a key (prices vary by properties). Modica can no longer mail out keys as the envelopes, no matter how well protected, sometimes are ripped open at the Post Office from their equipment, which can pose a security issue for your property. Modica Associates will Fed-Ex a key to you at your expense.
Q: I am Selling/Refinancing, my unit and need an Insurance Certificate, what is needed and who do I contact?
A:Master Insurance Carrier for your Association issues the Insurance Certificate and requires the following information, please contact Modica Associates for Insurance Carrier Contact info. Name of Association Address of Association Name of owner and unit # they own Loan Number Lender's name & full address Lender's fax or email address of where to send Certificate of Insurance
Q: My contractor needs to supply Certificates of Insurance for the Association, how are the certificates to be made out?
A:The Association needs two Insurance Certificates issued as follows: First Certificate Certificate Holder: Name of Association Complete Address of Association (no unit #) Second Certificate Certificate Holder: Modica Associates 131 Park Drive Boston, MA 02215 Please forward this information to your Contractor so their Insurance Agent can issue certs correctly. Insurance Certs can be emailed (team@modicaassociates.com) or faxed 617-236-7655 back to Modica Associates. Owners should always contact Modica Associates directly for their Association's specific Construction Rules and if work requires Building, Plumbing, or Electrical Permit to avoid being fined by Association.

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