Queensberry Condominiums


Modica Associates Property Management, Corp.

131 Park Drive

Boston, MA 02215




Please contact Modica Associates at 617-236-6977 when you are selling your unit and please provide the important information below to your Realtor regarding security of the building when they are holding an Open House.



·  Be sure your Realtor meets potential buyers at the    

    Building’s Front Door Entrance and not to blindly buzz

    people into the buildings.


·  Never prop an entrance to the building open and leave it unattended.


·      If you see suspicious people in the common area, in the parking lot, or hanging around any areas of the building, do not hesitate to call the police.


·      Do not hold the front door open for someone you do not know.  Ask them to buzz the unit they are visiting.


·      Keep your unit door locked when your Realtor is going to meet potential buyers at the building’s front door.


·      Report broken common area doors and windows to the management company immediately.