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We offer many services to the tenants, however some responsibilities are the unit's owners. Please review the list of when to call the Management Company and when to call your landlord or unit manager.

When to call your Unit's Owner or Manager
When to call Modica Associates

A tenant's primary contact should be their unit's owner or manager, but in the event of an emergency, tenants are encouraged to immediately contact the Management Company.

Should you lock yourself out of your unit or lose your key, we will let you into your unit during business hours for a charge of $50.00. On weekends and after normal business hours, a fee of $75.00 is charged for the service. Providing access to unit for unit owner's contractor, realtor, inspector etc. $50.00 per hour. Residents are more than welcome to come to our office and pick-up a key at no charge during business hours, M-F 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Modica Associates will gladly accept U.P.S. and other mail-carrier packages for residents of the buildings we manage. If you are expecting a valuable package and cannot be home during delivery times, instruct the carriers to send the package to our address, then call us with your name, phone number and expected delivery date. Please be sure your name is on the package.

Owners contact Modica many times inquiring if they can hire Modica's Plumber to perform unit plumbing services. Modica's staffed plumber is solely for servicing Common Area plumbing/ heating needs of the Building's we manage, but there are times when we can provide unit plumbing service as our plumber's schedule permits. If you would like to hire Modica's Plumber, please read the Plumbing Agreement and send back email (team@modicaassociates.com ) indicating you have read and agree to Plumbing Terms along with brief description of your plumbing problem. Please enter your building's address in subject field.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us.

We at Modica Associates look forward to serving you.

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